Published on : Friday, November 29, 2019

Venice might face a high tide of 105 cm today due to the possibility of heavy rainfall. The city is already 28 per cent flooded.



Quite unluckily, Venice has suffered three of the worst ten floods in a week. The authorities say that the high tide of 121cm was reached at 10.30 am on Wednesday morning.



Experts say that the high tide is being reinforced by strong storms in the area of the upper Adriatic.



Two weeks ago, a senior citizen died in Venice after being struck by lightning while he was using an electric water pump.




The coast guard has then sent extra boats to serve as water ambulances to help people.




The mayor of Venice, Luigi Brugnaro, said he would declare a state of emergency anytime soon.



He said that has asked the government to intervene and again attributed the reason for floods to the climate change.




He has claimed the destruction will lead loss of hundreds of millions of euros from the chauffeur.




Meanwhile, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has announced to provide €20million in funds to help with the cleanup operation.




Rain continues to lash northern Italy, with a yellow warning in Piedmont.



Earlier, a project to protect the city was launched in the year 2003, but it didn’t materialize due to rising costs and delays.




In earlier flooding, almost every building has suffered damages in the Venetian town of Malamocco.




The increase in sea level in Venice is supposed to be due to climate change and partly because of the subsidence as the land around Venice is getting lower.




A woman was found dead after the flooded Bomida river swept away from her car in north Italy a few days back.




Some experts have even cautioned that Venice might disappear by the year 2100 due to the intense flooding.



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