Now that the Vahana programme has been completed, the project team is looking forward to applying the lessons learned to the future urban air vehicle at Airbus. And they will be in good company: the project team for CityAirbus—the second eVTOL demonstrator in the Airbus portfolio—will continue its flight test campaign throughout 2020 to be able to bring fresh insight to the concept development table.

“It’s bittersweet to see Vahana come to an end,” says Zach, who expressed his thoughts in a blog post. “But learnings from both aircraft—Vahana and CityAirbus—will be used to advance our relationship with regulators and to understand key technologies.”

Although precise timelines for the future vehicle are still to be determined, work on the new design has already begun. Airbus Urban Mobility is tasked with taking the lead on this front.

For the time being, one of the two Vahana “Alpha” aircraft will head to Acubed to act as inspiration for future ground-breaking projects. The other will make an appearance at the 2020 HAI Heliexpo in Anaheim, California.


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