Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and KLM have commissioned the world’s first fully automatic dual passenger bridge. This innovation allows a dual passenger bridge to connect automatically in under a minute, thereby reducing the waiting time for passengers. The fully automatic bridge also helps to speed up aircraft turnaround times, during which every minute counts. In addition, the likelihood of malfunctions or damage due to operating mistakes is decreased as well.

The fully automatic passenger bridge will be used by KLM and its SkyTeam partners for intercontinental flights departing from Pier F. This automated passenger bridge will be tested in Schiphol’s airport operations until the end of 2019. A decision will then be made on its further roll-out at the airport.

The airport developed the automated passenger bridge in collaboration with bridge supplier CIMC-TianDa, Dutch high-tech firm Sioux-CCM and KLM. This passenger bridge is equipped with a smart technology system, in which cameras on the bridge recognise the door of the aircraft. The bridge can then connect itself to the aircraft door using sensors. A KLM staff member activates the automatic passenger bridge and monitors the process.

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