The number of cargo flights decreased by 60 (-4.3%) compared with the 1400 recorded in October last year. This decrease is less pronounced than in September. Nonetheless, the tonnage transported decreased further compared to October 2018 (-6.2%).

Passenger destinations

In October, 4.6 million passengers travelled from and to European destinations (+0.8%). Within Europe, the destinations that continue to gain popularity were mainly located in Poland, Austria and Turkey. The number of passengers to Germany fell (-2.5%) compared to October last year. In addition, the number of passengers to and from Iceland fell (-40%) due to the loss of WOW air earlier this year.

The number of intercontinental passengers at Schiphol fell slightly (-0.5%) to 1.8 million. The number of passengers from the Far East fell the most (-8.2%), due to the loss of Jet Airways. By contrast, the number of passengers to and from North America increased by 3.6%. This growth was particularly evident for the United States.

Click here for the complete overview of traffic and transport figures for October 2019.

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