Impact on all continents

There was a decrease by 51% to 0.8 million in the number of intercontinental passengers at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. The decrease in passenger volume to South America was the least pronounced (-34%), while the most pronounced decrease occurred for Asia (-63.1%). Africa (-40%), the Middle East (-49%) and North America (-55%) also saw major drops in passenger volumes. Passenger volumes within Europe also fell by 58.4%, with Italy showing the largest drop (-84.3%). In total, there were destinations in 50 countries for which passenger volumes decreased by more than 50%. Destinations in 30 countries decreased by more than 25% but less than 50%, and the figures decreased even less or even rose slightly in only 11 countries.

Click here for the complete overview of traffic and transport figures for March 2020.

Looking ahead to April

The corona virus has created an unprecedented situation worldwide, for the Netherlands and also for Schiphol. The drop in passenger numbers demonstrates that this situation is having a considerable impact. The number of remaining passengers dropped still further from -90% to -97% in the last two weeks of March. In the coming weeks, we expect that no more than 5% of the normal number of passengers will use the airport; we expect about 10% of the normal number of flights. Therefore, Schiphol has reduced operations and tailored them to the current demand. Schiphol’s reduced operations allow other services to remain predictable and reliable.

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