The number of cargo flights decreased by 12.8% this month compared to April 2018. The average load factor of cargo and passenger flights decreased, resulting in a 9.3% decline of cargo volume.

Passenger destinations

April saw 4.3 million passengers travelling to and from European destinations (+1.6%). The European destinations that experienced the most rapid growth were Turkey (+9.7%) and Greece (+10.6%). Traffic to the Canary Islands was down by 19%. Passenger numbers to Iceland halved due to the termination of the daily flight service operated by WOW air.

In April, Schiphol welcomed 1.8 million intercontinental passengers (+1.1%). Among the connections to the Americas, Brazil (+19%) and the Dutch Caribbean (+12%) saw the most pronounced growth. Traffic to the Middle East increased relatively rapidly: Qatar by 10% and Dubai by 7%. Traffic from and to India fell by 36% due to the cancellation of multiple daily Jet Airways flight services.

Click here for the complete overview of traffic and transport figures for April 2019.

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