This isn’t the sort of thing we’d usually post, but we thought it was worth sharing.

Last month, we operated the world’s first zero waste flight from Sydney to Adelaide – and this photo shows the results.

The big white bags in the background contain the waste left behind on one of our normal Sydney to Adelaide flights that day, which all went straight to landfill.

The small bag in the foreground is everything left behind on the zero waste flight that couldn’t otherwise be recycled or composted. It was sent off to be re-used as a substitute to fossil fuel to power cement kilns.

The difference is stark.

Not every flight can be zero waste in the future due to current quarantine laws and the availability of practical, sustainable alternatives.

But we are proud to be cutting 75 per cent of our waste to landfill by the end of 2021 and eliminating 100 million single-use plastics every year by the end of 2020.

Happy #worldenvironmentday