This fascinating city of the Middle East attracts travellers from all over the world with its colourful cityscape. No other city can combine an alternative hip, young lifestyle with tradition and a history dating back millennia as well as Tel Aviv. In 1950, Tel Aviv was unified with the port city of Jaffa; now Tel Aviv-Jaffa makes up the largest metropolitan area in all of Israel. The lively and modern centre is found in Tel Aviv, while the original Jaffa captivates the ancient old town with its narrow labyrinthine alleys and its oriental atmosphere. The city, lying on the Israeli coast, is known not only for being a “culinary melting pot”, but equally because of its creative gastronomy scene, where European, Oriental, and Asian cuisines all come together. And it’s not just connoisseurs who get their money’s worth; Tel Aviv is also a party capital, offering party-goers a plethora of bars and clubs as well as an exciting music scene. Relaxation can be sought by sun bathing on one of the city’s many dream-like beaches, stretching a total length of 14 kilometres. 


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