The routine for registered airport testers starts at 9:30 am with the registration. Masks that cover the mouth and nose are also issued here to ensure that the hygiene regulations in place because of the corona pandemic can be adhered to. Testers then receive a script containing the day’s tasks. Testers also receive food and a personal briefing. They then take the suitcases needed from the baggage claim belt in accordance with their assigned tasks.

The test run begins at 11:30 am and the testers slip into passenger role assigned to them. Check-in, security check, boarding – everything as normal so far. Unfortunately, the “real” flights to Lake Constance or Majorca are then cancelled and instead, passengers are given a short tour of BER by bus before being taken back to arrivals. This is where the second cycle starts. The trial run day ends at around 3:30 pm and testers can use the forms provided to give feedback on how they found their way around or if they have discovered potential for improvement.


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