A trial with the use of drones will begin at Schiphol. During the trial there will be drones with cameras for inspection of taxiways, small buildings and aircraft and drones that transport light goods between different locations at the airport. In this way, the potential benefits of drones are explored, for example to inspect structures like the asphalt surface, perform operational processes such as de-icing and supply aircraft parts for maintenance. The trial will examine if this is desirable and feasible in the future. Tests will be conducted through 24 June in collaboration with Air Traffic Control the Netherlands (LVNL), Dutch Drone Delta, the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee, and Transavia.

Regulated use temporarily permitted

Regulated use of drones will be permitted at Schiphol through 24 June, thanks to a temporary regulation introduced by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management that lifts the ban on regulated use of drones by designated parties in Schiphol’s operations. The Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate then gave a positive assessment of the specific applications. All other bans and obligations will continue to apply. The flights will be conducted in coordination with LVNL by certified parties who have direct contact with the air traffic control tower. Any other use of drones by unauthorised persons in the vicinity of Schiphol will remain expressly prohibited as usual. LVNL took the lead in obtaining this temporary arrangement. Like the other parties, they saw the opportunity arise amid a significantly lower amount of flight movements due to the coronavirus crisis.

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