Following the success of light-as-a-service, Royal Schiphol Group and BIS|Econocom will be partnering to arrange the use of over 3,000 digital information screens according to a similar construction. In the ‘as-a-service’ model, Schiphol will pay for use, while the supplier retains ownership of the product in question. In this way, Schiphol is encouraging suppliers to lengthen the life cycle of their product and to use materials in a circular fashion.

Zero-waste airport

Schiphol deploys over 3,000 displays for the purpose of conveying departure and arrival times, announcements and commercial communications. BIS|Econocom will assume ownership of these digital information screens. When the life cycle of such a screen ends, as many components as possible will be reused and given a second or third life. Parts that are not suitable for reuse will be recycled in an environmentally friendly way. This concept is new to the digital display market.

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