Appetites, big and small, can be satisfied both in public areas and at many departure gates. Many restaurants have reopened both before and beyond security, such as Kamps or Coffee Fellows on Boulevard Tegel, Augustiner Bar, Marché, Cindy’s Diner as well as various mobile units in Terminal C or the Essbahn outside between Terminals A and D for our passengers at Tegel. A souvenir or a small present can be acquired in the Heinemann Duty Free Shop or in the bookshop and newsagents in Terminal C. The range on offer on Boulevard Tegel has also been significantly expanded. Books, magazines, newspapers as well as travel supplies, stationary, toys or a fashionable accessory can all be purchased once again for visitors or passengers. For example, Pocketshop and P’NA are back in business for our customers. Numerous service providers, such as the pharmacy, the Tourist Information Centre and the car rental service, have also opened again.


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