Q. As a winner, you received a 3D printer as a prize. How did you come up with the idea to design and print valve fittings for ventilators using your 3D printer?

My mom saw a Facebook message asking people with a 3D printer to print valves that could help transform Decathlon snorkelling masks into ventilators. This was during the COVID-19 outbreak.

The message had been posted by my robotics teacher, Valeria, so we called her right away. In a couple of days, with her online help, I learned how to print the valve fittings.

Q. You have such a passion for robotics. Where do you see yourself in the future?

I’m currently in secondary school but in two years’ time, I’ll have to choose which subject to specialise in. I’m definitely leaning towards science and technology subjects. I wish to study subjects that have to do with innovation, such as fighting pollution, so I’m better equipped to face the future. I really don’t know what I’ll end up doing because, by the time I start working, there will be jobs that don’t exist yet!


Roberta Acuto is one of the winners of the 2019 Moon Camp Challenge, a collaborative, education project between ESA and the Airbus Foundation, in partnership with Autodesk. The challenge uses innovative learning technologies to challenge students to design their own Moon settlement with a 3D modelling tool (Tinkercad or Fusion 360). Congratulations to the 2020 Moon Camp Challenge winners who were recently announced in June 2020. 


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