Published on : Friday, August 21, 2020

Manchester police was forced to shut down the second Curry Mile street party as hundreds disobeyed lockdown rules for Afghan Independence Day. Revellers set out on street with flags, flare and even danced on car roofs. This sudden outbreak forced the police to shut down illegal party on the road.

Disappointed with the local behaviour Labour’s Manchester Gorton MP Afzal Khan stated that he was frustrated and angry with the appalling behaviour of people at night. Such a behaviour could incite virus outbreak in this new normal environment, and he also mentioned that this violation of norms may be identified as antisocial behaviour and people showed disrespect to Rusholme residents by ignoring Covid-19 safety regulations.

Also people arrived from outside Manchester are aware of the Covid situation, they too are threatened by sudden night out behaviour of the revellers and they felt unsafe, Khan added further. Since Manchester has been on local lockdown since July 31 and people are not allowed to visit others, Mancunians are expected to behave responsibly amidst uncertain environment.

The area has recently experienced sudden increase in coronavirus cases, which made it second in England for the fastest rise. This condition further triggered tension at the administration level. And now though people from various background stay here, are willing to celebrate, may control their passion since at present the world is facing an emergency pandemic that has forced implementation of several new rules for safety of people. Hence, celebration in 2020 will be different from the way it has been celebrated in 2018 or 2019. The authorities also requested that people should celebrate their culture, amidst pandemic, but should abide by the rules and follow the safety norms.

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