I’m packing my suitcase, but I’m not packing…

“I’m packing my suitcase and I’m taking…” We all know it, the popular memory game for when you’re out and about or just filling the time in a queue. But cross your heart: if we flip the game around, how good are you when it comes to flying by plane and asking yourself “I’m packing my suitcase, what am I not taking?”

Items prohibited in luggage

Unfortunately, it happens time and time again that items have to be taken out of checked-in luggage, leaving you vexed at your destination over the loss of your belongings. However, this item removal is necessary in order to put your luggage into a state fit for flying. The airport organises the removal of these kinds of items on behalf of the airline and with support from the German federal police.

At the turn of the year, it is important to know that pyrotechnics are allowed in neither hand luggage nor checked-in luggage. Lighters do not belong in checked-in luggage, but are allowed in hand luggage to a certain extent.

To avoid any trouble, it is therefore best to carry items which are not fit to fly separate to your luggage. These items are most notably:

  • power banks
  • e-cigarettes
  • fireworks and other pyrotechnic products
  • lighters

You can find the list of all items prohibited for transport in luggage in the general terms and conditions of your particular airline or here:

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