It is said that the sun is at home in Rhodes. The ancient Hellenes believed that Zeus, the father of the gods, ascribed the island to the sun god Helios when he was distributing portions of the world. This and numerous long sandy beaches make Rhodes popular with travellers, above all as a paradise for bathing. There is really no shortage of picturesque beaches on the island. The east coast is dominated by sandy beaches, and the west coast has pebble beaches, which are generally less crowded.
But this sunny island has much more to offer. It is considered to be one of the greenest islands of Greece and also offers numerous splendid historical sites. You can go on a journey into its rich history by visiting the old town of Rhodes with its impressive Palace of the Grand Master and the picturesque town of Lindos featuring the Acropolis.
A trip to the green, wooded interior of the island is worthwhile especially in the summer months. Near the city of Rhodes you can, for example, go to Epta Piges, the valley of the seven springs. Here it is pleasantly cool even in midsummer. You can admire wild peacocks and lush vegetation while you hike through this little natural paradise.

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