The power of data analytics for helicopter operators

With operations stressed to the limit, helping customers better manage their fleets via data analytics is a promising new area.

During the COVID-19 crisis, we have been assisting our EMS operators in transferring their data seamlessly from their site of operations to the Airbus Helicopters data platform.

Accompanying this data transfer is our Fleet Monitoring website application, available from the AirbusWorld collaborative customer portal. This data analytics service provides overviews of flight sessions and associated usage parameters such as cycles, engines counters and events; data quality and consistency checks; and fleet airworthiness status.

For EMS customers like Hungarian Air Ambulance and HTM Helicopters, our in-house experts analyzed their data on a daily basis in the early weeks of the crisis, thereby easing their data analysis workload by 70 percent, allowing them to focus entirely on their life-saving operations. Our Flight Analyser application is at the heart of these analyses, automatically processing flight data and detecting potential incidents before they lead to potential accidents.

All of this data was available to our technical support teams, ensuring that when they received a customer query, they had the latest data at their fingertips.

There is still much more to be done, but thanks to the agile initiatives and collaboration among operators, regulators, and manufacturers, we’ve been able to take swift action in responding to our customers’ needs while putting the safety of our people and patients first. We look forward to continuing this support.                                                               


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