Join Asia’s Largest Business Aviation Event!

Asia Pacific airlines carried 36% of total passengers in 2017: that’s a massive 1.5 billion passengers. But by 2035 that number is predicted to increase to 7.2 billion.

The 15th edition of Aviation Festival Asia 2020 will be the biggest one yet, bringing together 2,500 attendees, 1,200 airlines & airport representatives, 250 speakers and 100 exhibition booths. The conference will feature 9 theatres of content focusing on Aviation Strategy; Aviation Marketing; Digital Airline; IFEC; Air Retail & Payments; Human Capital; Digital Airport; Airline Revenue and Distribution; and Aviation Loyalty.
Aviation Festival Asia is where Asia’s airline and airport leaders do business.

If you want to be part of the world’s fastest-growing aviation market, you need to join us. For more information, visit the event website: https://www.terrapinn.com

Contact: Adam Ball

Tel:   +65 6322 2705




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