More space and service in Departure Hall and Departure Lounge 1

In order to provide sufficient space for all passengers in Departure Hall 1, for flights to Schengen countries, Schiphol is adding an additional storey to the hall. This so-called mezzanine level will house the security lanes, as is the case in Departure Halls 2 & 3. Schiphol will immediately expand the number of lanes and equip each one with a CT scanner. The mezzanine in Departure Hall 1 will be connected to that in Departure Hall 2 to create a combined space with 35 security lanes. The additional level will also free up more space for the check-in area on the ground floor.

In order to realise the security lanes on the 1st floor, the Business Class lounges have been moved up one floor and expanded at the same time. Schiphol is also enlarging the shopping, dining and passenger area in Departure Lounge 1. Construction of the mezzanine is proceeding according to schedule. The plan is to take the new areas into use in mid-2020.

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