“Covideation is part of the global crisis combat by adding the best practices and creativity forces of our company.”

I launched The OASIS initiative in 2018, while working in R&D. I wanted to create an internal and external network of people to connect and help innovators develop and prototype their proposals.

With the COVID-19 crisis, which has strongly impacted everybody on a professional and personal level, it was only natural that we wanted to help fight the virus. Therefore, we launched the Covideation initiative with the aim to identify ideas, help their originators connect, and to integrate selected ideas in the internal crisis unit and apply them as soon as possible within Airbus facilities.

There are many employees who have launched similar actions by participating in the ProtoSpace Hackathons fight the virus. Others create their own 3D printed components at home and send them to hospitals, retirement homes, NGOs or security forces. We help them to find additional 3D printers, supply materials, or produce more components with other means and partners whenever possible.

We also have a proposal to manufacture “add-on” door handles, which would enable a person to open a door without using their hands. However, the need is a few thousand for our site in Marignane alone! We help with Health and Safety validation and if necessary, by finding manufacturing solutions that are faster than 3D printing.

Other ideas include the introduction of UV lamps and use of air ionizers in the workshops and offices to accelerate the destruction of the virus. Here, efficiency and feasibility have to be checked.

A rapid evaluation and a deployment plan have to be done for each idea and all additional volunteers are welcome to efficiently accelerate the actions!

Some proposals are more scientific and potentially eligible for public agencies’ calls for ideas. The connections with research program managers and project leaders can be useful to accelerate this kind of action and increase their probability of success.

Covideation is an open door for employees to be part of the global crisis combat by adding their best practices and contributing to the company’s creative forces.

Looking at the impact of the current crisis, all human action and initiatives will be necessary to recover a normal life at home and at work. Covideation is one of many ways to contribute.


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