Q. How did BizLab get involved in “startupsagainstcorona.com”?

BizLab is Airbus’ start-up innovation unit, and we were invited to support the initiative as we have a large network of start-ups and alumni who are used to working with large businesses. BizLab is promoting the “startupsagainstcorona.com” platform to encourage participation, and we’re also offering our reputable branding to boost marketing of the platform. 


Q. What is the aim of this platform?

This crowdsourcing platform aims to help reduce the economic impact of the pandemic by enabling start-ups located anywhere in the world to bring solutions quickly and effectively to market.


Q. Concretely, how does the platform work?

Through the platform, companies can post challenges they’re facing—such as ensuring more stable supply chains or improving workforce planning—due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Start-ups can then post solutions that address the challenges or propose solutions to other challenges. A task force examines the inquiry and the solution, and if there’s a match, the parties are connected. 


Q. Why are start-ups well-suited to provide solutions to large companies, particularly during a crisis? 

Large companies want to be more agile, think faster and move more quickly. This is where the start-up model comes in: to disrupt large companies. Currently, we’re experiencing how industry can be disrupted by a biological threat. This initiative invites start-ups to help large companies to deal with the technology and business challenges that have arisen as a result of the pandemic.


Q. How does this initiative align with BizLab’s overall objectives? 

At BizLab, we aim to deliver cost savings and develop new revenue streams by integrating the best of the start-up model into Airbus. By supporting this initiative, BizLab contributes to business continuity and evolving business models. Relevant solutions proposed through this initiative could also be adopted by Airbus. In addition, BizLab has accelerated more than 140 projects worldwide, so our start-ups are capable of proposing practical solutions.


Q. What is your message to companies in need during this difficult time?

If you’re facing a technology or business challenge as a result of COVID-19, a start-up could provide a fast and efficient solution.

Please visit the “Start-ups Against Corona” website for more information. And to find out if BizLab can help, please contact us directly at: airbus-bizlab@airbus.com


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