Leading 6th ORAT World Summit Comes to Singapore!

The ORAT World Summit 2019 taking place in Singapore from 19 – 22 November 2019, will be a premier platform bringing together airport industry experts to provide unparalleled opportunities for professional development, relationship building, and “mind sharing” to address concerns, discuss solutions and exchange ideas for the future development of ORAT.

With the aim of providing the most significant opportunity for international airports to debate current ORAT issues and form business relationships on a global scale, Equip Global’s ORAT World Summit Series has proven itself to be an excellent platform in generating valuable snapshots of ORAT challenges and identifying potential solutions in this fast-evolving industry.

Hear from experts on how to Assess the Impacts of Expansion on The Environment and Local Communities, Incorporating Capacity Forecasting and Management into the ORAT Planning Process, and many MORE! This is your opportunity to be part of the only conference that allows you to engage in global conversations focusing on the development of ORAT.

For more information, please visit our website or email us at enquiry@equip-global.com now!


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