The 3rd Airport Economics and Finance Summit 2020 taking place in Singapore from 04 – 07 February 2020, will be a premier platform for airport finance, economics, treasury and commercial decision maker from airports and aviation authorities globally to gather and have countless networking and learning opportunities about the latest best practices, strategies and major trends in Airport Economics and Finance to ensure the organization is commercially viable and financially sustainable amidst growing competition and market volatility.

This 4-day summit will be covering topics ranging from evaluating the best practices in airport investments, CAPEX management, financial management & forecasting when it comes to calculation of ROI, capital & fund raising strategies, how to maximize airport revenue by tapping on non-aeronautical revenue streams, effective management in concession agreements, understanding local and international financial regulations and their implications on airport strategic financial planning, as well as giving insightful input on how to deal with the ever-volatile economic and political instability.

Anticipate case-studies from globally renowned airport operators and authorities about how airports can overcome pertinent challenges faced when it comes to making financial, budgeting, capital expenditure and economic decisions that will be important to the business operations whilst making sure they are in line with the industry trends, capacity forecasts, market volatility and tough competition.

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